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About miMaO

MimaO was born in 2016 because of a shared passion for the “Made in Spain” footwear industry. This is why miMaO creates classic designs with a modern twist. We did not consider at any time to craft our shoes in another place that was not Spain, this way we specialized in high quality products, maximum comfort, crafted in the best types of leather and materials and always without losing sight of trends and colors.

Faithful to the “Made in Spain” production and design, we work hand in hand with the best artisans and craftsmen of the country located in the area of Elda (Elche). We use the highest quality of leather and materials, and because we love our product, we select and overview each minimum detail of the production, creating this way a perfect leather shoe for your day to day.

We love our “Made in Spain” shoes.


 miMaO Concept

It is our greatest quality. The comfort of our designs is what sets us apart from other “Made in Spain” brands. MiMaO understands the needs of the modern women and for this reason we create designs that adapt perfectly to the everyday life of each one of them.

We never get tired of talking about the materials we use at miMaO. In addition to the quality of our shoes, all our designs are super flexible and very light, so we get a high quality footwear, with the best materials and leathers.

At miMaO we understand the concept of comfort and we take it a step further with technology applied to our designs. The gel insole and the gel comfort drop system are two of miMaO's own systems that provide extra comfort, achieving versatile and trendy shoe styles. These two, together with the special Memory Absorber foam insole that adapts to any footfall, achieving an enveloping effect of the foot, are the systems that miMaO uses.

Non-slip, breathable and above all comfortable (yes, even our high heels). Perfect designs for any occasion.

We can't forget the “color” fact in miMaO. We study in detail the selection of colors for each model and according to every season´s trends. This way we can offer a wide range of options for every woman and occasion. Wherever there is colour, there will always be a miMaO shoe.

MiMaO revolutionizes classic designs with a modern twist, and that is because we are experts at designing and reinventing classic shoe styles. Versatility, color, and a casual style of our own. These are qualities that keep miMaO's designs up to date with the latest trends.


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