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What you need to know when buying kids' shoes

Buying shoes for the little ones is always full of doubts and uncertainty: will they hurt them when running? Will they last a full season after hours of playing? Will they be suitable? We bring you some tips and trends on children's footwear that will make your choice easier and help you get it right!

1. Comfort

At miMaO, comfort is undoubtedly the most important feature in all our footwear. We care about the health of our customers' feet, we adapt different comfort technologies to each type of shoe, and children's shoes are no less important.

The most important thing is that the shoe is perfect for running and playing. They need flexible soles that allow them to walk on any surface and adapt to their needs. They also need to be comfortable, even on first use. How do you achieve this? By investing in a good pair of leather shoes. This type of material is flexible, adapts to the shape of the foot, avoids sore feet, provides breathability and accompanies every step they take.

2. Perfect shoes for different events

Children's shoes are always a headache for parents, as their wear time, no matter how high quality they are, is limited. Children grow season after season, and they end up outgrowing their shoes after a few months. When it comes to investing in children's footwear, we always recommend opting for timeless designs that fit in with the child's life, and that can be used for different occasions and events. This way, we can invest in quality footwear and get the most out of it.

3. Matching mum and dad

We are clear about the comfort technology that children's shoes must have. We also know that we have to take it as an investment and use the highest quality footwear for different occasions. Now it's time to have fun! What do you think about matching your favourite miMaO shoes with your children?

You'll love pairing our ADARA platform mule for women with our STRAWBERRY flat sandal for girls.

For our boys: Dad will love our classic men's MOCCASIN style, and our super-soft leather MOCCASIN for boys.

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