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Colour Trend Alert: Black & Green

Yes, we know that a total black outfit will never go out of fashion. But you can always add a trendy accessory to update this iconic color. It has already been done in the past by adding golden chains, some pockets to bring back the cargo style or by using metallic tweed as the main material. The point is not to get stuck in the absolute simplicity of black, but to try to go one step further.

What does the spring-summer season bring and why is it so easy to wear? It's not an impossible accessory, or a material that makes us not want to wear it. It's a colour. But it's not just any colour, it's a colour that will add light and that, at first glance, might seem like a complex combination, but it's more on trend than ever.

We are talking about the colour GREEN.

And we are not talking about a dull type of green, but we want you to dare with a bright, bold green, a frog green or neon green, two colours that are always the most complicated to combine. That's why it's so easy for us to suggest it as the perfect combination of the classic black colour.

As you all know, miMaO is all about colour, and you can imagine how many shoes we have in shades of green. However, the shoe that first came to my mind when writing this post was our STILETTO heel.

This effect can be achieved with a pair of shoes, a green handbag, a headband or even green jewellery. The important thing is to give a touch of personality to the look, to take a risk with colours that otherwise we would not dare to use and that are as beautiful as green. 

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